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If you going to keep your hot tub outside and use it through the winter months then apart from your hot tub the most important thing you should consider is the Cover. Hot tubs and spas loose the majority of the heat through the top, from the surface area of the water. This makes the cover the determining fact as to how much your prize tub will cost you in heating expenses. If you have a inferior quality hot tub cover with little insulation it will cost you an arm and a leg to heat it.

This means you will probably not use your tub much and it will become one of those things that appeared to be a good idea at the time BUT you cannot afford to run it! SAD!!
But, If you had invested in a Quality Hot Tub Cover you could be in your tub throughout the year with minimal cost. So the old adage comes to mind “SPOIL THE SHIP FOR A HA’PENNY WORTH OF TAR” meaning if you don’t make the ship waterproof it will sink.
With hot tubs if you don’t invest in a quality tub cover with good seals and insulation it will cost a fortune to use it, so you probable would not.

The hot tub’s insulated cover is the most important component to decrease heat loss in the tub. When the cover is lifted for use, the heat loss from the area of the water is several times the heat loss from the tub itself. The purpose of the cover is to reduce the heat loss from the surface of the water. The inside of the cover should be made of a reflective material to return the heat to the tub. The seals on the cover are very important also to retain the water vapour created by the heated water and return it to the tub. Good seals equal Saving Water, Chemicals and Energy enabling you to enjoy your tub without dipping too far into your pocket. Not to mention also helping the planet.

The simplest test is to replace the cover of your tub, and if you can smell chemicals you probably have a leak in your cover or seals. If you have a damaged or leaking cover you need to have it repaired or replace it for a more efficient one.

Other purposes of the cover are to keep out debris from trees and rubbish picked up by the wind. The cover also has to be able to with stand snow and down pours of rain. If your cover sags in the middle and touches the surface of the water due to weather, of kids climbing on the cover the efficiency of the cover will be radically diminished. The cover may become waterlogged and heavy making the cover next to useless and dangerous.

Some covers have aluminium struts built with in to prevent sagging and the chance of young children falling through the cover. While you are checking your cover you my consider fitting a locking device to keep unwanted bodies out whether human or animal.

If you are thinking all of this extra equipment will I be able to lift the cover to use the tub? Well the answer is yes you will be able to. More sophisticated covers come with ‘lifters’ that make the job of removing the cover an easy and quick task. That also goes for replacing it. These lifter systems also offer the advantage of maintaining the cover in position once opened. It can thus be used as a screen, for example, against the wind or privacy from prying passers-by or neighbours.

If the outside of your cover is made of vinyl, it should be treated with UV protection to counter act against the long-term effects of the sun; increasing it life considerably.

You may consider erecting a gazebo to protect you and the tub from the sun in the summer and the worst of the weather in the winter guarding off most of the snow and frost.

It should cost less to turn the heating off in your Hot Tub when not in use rather than keeping the heating running 24/7. But you have to way up whether the amount of time taken to heat the tub exceeds the hours it will be heating the water on a 24/7 basis. Another factor to consider is how often you are going to use the hot tub weekends only, every day, twice a day or once a month.


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Questions and Answers

How to repair hot tub cover?My dog tore the vinyl top of the hot tub cover to shreds. I can’t afford a new one right now. Any ideas on how to fix it up so it will look ok for a year or so? I was thinking about maybe making a design of different colored duct tape, but didn’t know how that would look or hold up in the sun? Help please.

Posted by nobadkids
PeteI work for a hot tub cover manufacturing company. I’m afraid duct tape would be your only answer. There is really no other way to put it back together. When you can afford one, ask your local spa store to find a “bone pile” cover that will fit your spa. They are much cheaper.
My company is Cedar Mountain Spa Covers, 1-208-772-9176 if you want us to find one in our stock and send you one.
My email is
OR, you can send me measurements of your spa, and I could make a cover for your cover, is the styrofoam in good shape still? Because I could just sew the “skins” and send them to you and that is way cheaper still. Let me know.

I have a hot tub cover that is retaining moisture is there some way to fix this?

Posted by TIFFANY W

PeteI think all hot tub covers do the same thing after a couple of years. My first cover got so heavy I could hardly lift it. When I got a new one I took the old one apart and the styrofoam inserts were extremely heavy but they did not have any water in them. I think the steam must cause something in the water to be absorbed by the styrofoam. Perhaps calcium.The cover I have now is around 3 years old and I noticed its starting to get heavier alsoI live in a cold winter area and my hot tub puts out a lot of steam when you open it in the winter.

Hot Tub Covers??I have a hot tub, and am looking for a hot tub store that sells covers in pennsylvania, delaware, or New Jersey.
Posted by italianonikki
PeteTry yahoo local and pool supply or hot tubs should find one near you.

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